Latest issue: Volume: XIII, Issue: 3

Feature Stories

Editorial: Assumptions make an Ass of You and Me – Steven Clavey

Cao Ying-Fu’s use of Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang – Jiang Zuo-Jing

Abscess on the head – Jiang Zuo-Jing

Yang Yong-Xuan treats Hot Painful Bi Syndrome – Yang Yi-Fang

Lung yang deficiency –  Qu Yue-Yun

Shi/Propensity – Charles Chace & Manuel Rodriguez Cuadras

Fat Monk: Billie and the Shaman – Xiaoyao Xingzhe

Case history: Herbs for post glandular fever – Heiko Lade

Reviews – Shonoshin: Japanese pediatric acupuncture

– 47th annual TCM Kongress, Rothenburg

– Golden Month: Caring for the World’s Mothers After Childbirth

– Live Well Live Long: Teachings from the Nourishment of Life Tradition

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What is The Lantern ?

The Lantern is a hard-copy Chinese medicine journal from Australia published three times a year.

We emphasise the traditional side of Chinese medicine and its ancient world-view, the irreducible foundation of hands, needles, herbs and mind. Classical translations rub shoulders with modern clinical experience, Daoist wisdom co-exists with current political editorial; book reviews, case histories and poetry round out the lot.

Our authors have ranged from the best of the old guard to the up-and-coming generation, with the aim first and foremost of an interesting read that is informative and useful.

What our subscribers say

“Every three months, a new issue of The Lantern arrives in my mail box. I end up carrying it around with me until I have read it cover to cover, book marking articles I want to re-read. As a teacher of Chinese medicine, I often assign articles to my students because so many of them are so succinct and relevant. The editors of The Lantern take great care to provide material that is interesting, scholarly and always clinically helpful. Because The Lantern stays true to the deepest spirit of Chinese medicine, it is by far the best among all the English language journals.”

Sharon Weizenbaum

Director of White Pine Healing Arts, Chinese medicine educator and author

“All of us practising now are fortunate to live in a time when ideas from many countries and time periods are in dynamic interface. The Lantern is a crucial facilitator of this process. Not only does it provide a place for international dialogue, it inspires all of us to reach out and move the medicine forward with a respect for the core concepts we have inherited.”

Jason D. Robertson

E.A.M.P., author of Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine (Eastland Press, 2008) and teacher at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine

“There are not many journals in English that I would consider ‘must reading’ for everyone who is serious about practicing East Asian medicine —The Lantern from Australia is certainly one of them.”

Dan Bensky

The Lantern is produced in Melbourne, Australia, by Steve Clavey, Bettina Brill and Michael Ellis.

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