Water Kettle

Water Kettle
Water Kettle
lack of water, reaching the desired temperature, removing from the stand
sound signal about the end of the process
The box was also supposed to be white and elegant (as conceived by Xiaomi designers), but parcels from China, apparently, are dropped from the plane right on the fly, so it came to us no longer very elegant and in places not entirely white.
Inside the box are: kettle, stand and instructions. Clever styrofoam inserts allowed them to reach us unscathed – the packaging took a hit.
As we said above, the design of the teapot from Xiaomi, sorry for the oxymoron, is “as minimalistic as possible”. It makes an impression live – but, alas, it leaves quite a few words for a textual description of these very impressions.
The only non-white element is the teapot pad. https://jiji.co.ke/nairobi-central/accessories-and-supplies-for-electronics/water-kettle-hHYFbElsJutEJ6m3wHUEsEJz.html
The stand is equipped with a niche where excess wires can be stowed away.
The kettle’s flask is completely steel, therefore, the device does not have any water level sensor. When the button is pressed, the cover first opens approximately 45 В°, but then it can be manually reopened to 90 В°. The bottom of the lid, which is in direct contact with the flask, is also steel. No limescale filter is provided.
The original instructions included in the box can only help those few Russian speakers who also speak Chinese.
Everyone else can be advised to use one of the many homemade Russian translations available on the Internet. This one seemed to us quite acceptable in terms of the quality of performance.
On the top of the handle there is a mechanical button that opens the cover.
On the bottom of the same handle there are two touch buttons. Google translator translated these words to us as “boil” (in the photo on the left above) and “insulation” (on the right below).
We coped with guessing the true purpose of the first button without much difficulty – in the end, where to “boil”, there and “boil”. Indeed, if you press this button, the device will boil the water and turn off.

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