The Lantern is a hard-copy Chinese medicine journal from Australia published three times a year.

It emphasises the traditional side of Chinese medicine and its ancient world-view, the irreducible foundation of hands, needles, herbs and mind. In the journal, published three times a year, classical translations rub shoulders with modern clinical experience, Daoist wisdom co-exists with current political editorial; book reviews, case histories and poetry round out the lot.

Our authors have ranged from the best of the old guard to the up-and-coming generation, with the aim first and foremost of an interesting read that is informative and useful.

Meet the team

The Lantern is produced in Melbourne, Australia by Steve Clavey, Bettina Brill and Michael Ellis. Bettina handles subscriptions and financials, Steve handles content, and Michael handles design and sub-editing. Each of us thinks the other two work harder.

Steve Clavey

Steve handles content at The Lantern. He runs a Chinese herbal clinic in the city of Melbourne, and enjoys playing Go, translating ancient medical Chinese, fresh-water fly-fishing, Xing Yi, cooking, Chen style Taichi, the study of transparadigmatic traditional psychology, and banjo.




Bettina Brill

Bettina is mainly in charge of subscriptions and advertising. She is also a practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine and part-time lecturer at SSNT/Melbourne. In her spare time she likes to practise Xing Yi, climb volcanoes and swim with big fish.

Michael Ellis

When he’s not surfing (the waves, and/or his Twitter account) and writing about Australian football, Michael runs a clinic combining Chinese herbs with shiatsu. He takes care of the production and sub-editing of The Lantern. He says he’s as passionate about Chinese medicine as about his various surfing activities, although the argument does seem to vary according to the swell size.

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