Archive: Kitanda Cha Mtoto Cha Kisasa

Archive: Kitanda Cha Mtoto Cha Kisasa
Archive: Kitanda Cha Mtoto Cha Kisasa
Maximum open current
Optothyristor module MTOTO-80-12, MTOTO-63-12, MTOTO-40-12
Semiconductor power module based on two frameless series-connected silicon diffusion optothyristors p-n-p-n.
Designed for use in DC and AC circuits with a frequency of up to 500 Hz of power converters.
The control circuit is galvanically isolated from the main power circuit. The module case is isolated from live parts.
The designation of the type and the connection diagram of the optothyristors is given on the case.
The maximum permissible average current in the open state is 80A.
Repetitive impulse reverse voltage – 1200V.
Module weight – 120 g.
The principle of operation of the module is that alternating currents from transformers are supplied to a 2-half-period rectifier, smoothed by capacitors and fed to control circuits. A zero value on the transistor discharges the capacitors, after which it is rather slowly charged with currents flowing through the resistor.
Using constant currents, the modules are controlled, while the modules are open all the time when the control current is supplied. To regulate the DC voltage values, it is possible to connect an inductive or resistive load to the circuit.
The power module MTOTO-80-12 is used for rectifier bridges, for regulators with alternating current, in controlling motors with direct currents, for electrical equipment.
Optothyristors consist of photothyristors, as well as emitting diodes on the GA AS platform;

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