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Covid-19 from the bottom up
published May 17, 2022

The Lantern COVID-19 online issue
last update: April 28, 2020
Acupuncture special issue: articles from our archives

Acupuncture, eczema and yangming
A tale of two orbits
Axis of efficacy (pt 1)
Axis of efficacy (pt 2)
Blalack: The warp and weft of Qin Bowei
Bloodletting for chronic constipation
Cancer is a state
Cao remarks on Gan Mai Da Zao Tang
Cao Yingfu uses Di Dang Tang
Cao Yingfu uses Gui Zhi jia Da Huang Tang
Chinese medicine in a rural community
Chinese medicine in cancer management
Coma in Casablanca
Cough and stress incontinence
Dawes: Evidence is more valuable than logic
Double vision – treating the brain qi

Early stages of a warm epidemic
Eastern medicine in the Western ward
Esophagitis – a formula
Feed a cold, starve a fever?
Five cases of depleted yin
Fu’s Cool the Menses
Grain Qi overcomes Yuan Qi
He Shaoqi on success and failure in clinic
How to outsmart a mosquito

Huang Huang on Wen Jing Tang
Huang Qi through the eyes of Zhang Zhongjing
Internal heat from stagnant blood
Internal martial arts
Interview with Giovanni Maciocia
Interview with Huang Huang
Interview with Mark Seem
Interview with Volker Scheid
Liu Baoyi on lurking pathogens
Liu Duzhou on Huang Lian E Jiao Tang
Liu Duzhou thoughts on study
Liu Duzhou treats soft tetany
Lou Baiceng treats asthma
Lurking pathogens: a Liu Baoyi case study
Lurking pathogens in springtime
Medicine is no minor art
Murder in the Monastery
Myth of the Turtle by Wu Bo-Ping
Needling for uterine prolapse
Poetry of constipation
Qin Bowei remembers Cao Yingfu
Qing Gu San to cool the bones
Reflections on Saam acupuncture
Severe throat infection in pregnancy
Sitting Ba Duan Jin
Sweating: A few words of advice
Tang discusses the two souls
The Shape of Qi
The Valley Spirit not dying
The Yellow Emperor asks about Real People
Thick needles for stubborn cold
Three questions to Wang Ji
Three sources of energy
Tidbits from an experienced gynaecologist
Treatise on Damp-Heat Diseases
Two cases of vulval pain
Unusual and usual changes with epidemic pathogens
Using Yanglingquan
Versluys: Jueyin disease
What a patient craves
Wind of the four crooks
Wu Wei Zi
Yangsheng according to time of day
Yum cha as life training
Zhang Jiebin’s Treatise on Treatment
2000 years of medical exchange (pt 1)
2000 years of medical exchange (pt 2)
2000 years of medical exchange (pt 3)
2000 years of medical exchange (pt 4)

Girl on the Concrete Slab
Thug’s Finger
God of War
Sign of the Pit
Murder in Rothenburg

Acupuncture among the Afghans
Ah, a traditionalist!
A systems science for modern complexity
Chinese medicine into the breach
Dou Cai: One must understand the channels
Dou Cai: More heartfelt advice
Essence of the teachings on health
Gold prospecting in Chinese medicine
How do we know what is right?
Old wives’ tales
On being the Real Thing
Play now, pay later
Qi, fluids and the science of life
The art of being human
The crisis in medical science
The Delphic boat and the Yellow Emperor
The joy of No
The renaissance in Chinese medicine
The twin palaces of China
Xu Dachun rips everyone a new one

A Walk Along the River II
Classical Chinese Medicine
Medical Practice in 12th Century China: Xu Shuwei’s 90 SHL cases

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