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In the mid-1990s, CNN became one of the most prominent broadcast media outlets in both the United States and around the globe to produce a new type of conservative talk show in the guise of “news” show. At the same time, the station’s editorial policies were changed with the addition of a network-wide “reporters,” who, when asked questions about their own views toward a conservative political figure, refused to accept any such answers as to whether the interviewer’s point about the African-American civil rights movement was correct.

By 2008, the new conservative news channel (CNN) had become much more than a media outlet that, when asked about race in general, tended to hold forth in some of those terms as opposed to some of those terms being considered important by a conservative media audience.
In fact, CNN’s audience for the first season of “Cabal” has been even more conservative than the average viewer’s, which is where that figure may be overestimated. During this particular season, the average viewer watching a typical episode of “Cabal” is more conservative than the average viewer who watches the CNN “real” episode of “Cabal.”

It’s also worth noting that the conservative commentators who appear in the show have been at the front of the line of the conservative backlash toward the media; according to the Wall Street Journal, on “Cabal,” conservative

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