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At first glance, the main advantages of the Kitfort KT-1118 screw juicer include its compact size and low cost. The completeness of the device, to the taste of the author, can be considered ideal: a juicer and nothing more. Well, the tests will show whether the results are as good as the looks of the device.
vertical auger juicer
from improper assembly and overheating, “drop-stop”
8.5 cm – without stopper, stopper attachment – 4.5 x 3.5 cm
* To put it quite simply: this is the period during which parts for repairing the device are supplied to the official service centers. After this period, any repair in the official SC (both warranty and paid) is unlikely to be possible.
The Kitfort KT-1118 juicer arrived at the test lab in a black cardboard box with bright spots of color accents. The design and content of the information on the packaging corresponds to the general corporate identity of Kitfort: a schematic representation of the device, its name, model and slogan. The sides provide information on the technical characteristics and advantages of the juicer. The package is not provided with any means for carrying.
The device and its accessories are held still by two vertical molded cardboard inserts. Some of the parts are laid inside, some are located in the recesses outside the inserts. After opening, the following items were removed from the package:
Putting the appliance back into the box can be a little tricky – it’s hard to remember the original location of a number of accessories.
As we said, the first thing that catches the eye is the compact size of the device. Kitfort KT-1118 is tall but narrow. In our opinion, it will perfectly fit even in a small kitchen and will take up little space during storage. Perhaps, if it stands right on the kitchen table, the user will more often squeeze juice from fresh fruits and vegetables.
The device is designed in black, all transparent parts are darkened – it looks neutral and even noble. The on / off button is located on top of the side of the case. The power cord comes out from the bottom. The length of the cord is standard, not very long, but it will not lie on the table like a coiled and interfering snake.
On the back side of the case, we see four legs with rubber seals only slightly rising above the surface of the table, as well as a sticker with information about the device and narrow slots of ventilation openings.
The case is very heavy and very stable. In the center of the juicer platform, there is a powerful metal spindle and four 1 cm high lugs to accommodate the squeezing bowl. The shaft is protected by a rubber pad, at the base there is a rubber seal designed, among other things, to prevent vibrations during operation.
The squeeze bowl is made of thick (about 4 mm at the top) durable plastic. The hole in the center of the bottom, where the motor shaft enters, is sealed with a rubber gasket. The spout for the juice outlet is equipped with a drop-stop system, simply – a hinged tightly inserted lid. The hole for the cake outlet is tightly closed with a silicone plug. Juice Grinder

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