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“. In 2041, the world of computer games, and indeed the computer world in general, experienced the greatest shock in its history, associated with the development of the so-called” virtual reality “technology, or, as it is now called, Virta. The richest opportunities provided by this new means of transmission images and tactile sensations, not only spawned a new wave of computer games, they breathed new life into old games.

Today, when the Virt-card has become available at a price to the average owner of a personal computer, we present to you the most popular collection this year: “games of the twentieth century in a new way”, which includes. “

A desperate scream was heard from under the Wirth helmet, a crackling was heard in the speakers of the external sound. The editor, snarling something, the censorship of which we would allow ourselves to doubt, turned away from the monitor in disgust.

-. I say my mother. Gentlemen, this is ridiculous! Do you have any idea how lucky we are ?! Get the game before it even hits the market, straight from the manufacturer.

So what? We are not in a position to write an article about her. Why?!

Because nobody can pass it! A shame! You are professionals!

The professionals scowled at the boss and dragged the shaking colleague to the first-aid post to drink beer. His eyes were spinning madly, his hair stood on end, his teeth were beating out fine grains.

– Boss, don’t you think these bastards threw this thing to us for a reason?

The editor glanced angrily towards the speaker.

– A toy as a toy, I went through hundreds of them! “

Ghost. Beta testers story cycle

I am more than sure that many people who have read the LCI magazine will immediately understand what the conversation will be about. Maybe someone even dares to plunge into a nostalgic ice hole in order to briefly return many years ago.

Ithaca, we have funny adventures of motley characters here, successfully ridiculing the stereotypes of dozens of fantastic and fantasy worlds, absurdities and disasters, all in one bottle.

If your virtual world has errors and problems that require immediate solutions, a team of professionals is ready to help you. Meet and celebrate.

The stories will take everyone to the world of the near future, where almost the entire gaming industry has stepped into virtual reality. And where there are programs, those who will check them are also needed. The author suggests watching the life of one of these testing teams. The imperturbable and courageous Banzai, the mysterious and cynical Xenobyte, the intelligent and self-confident Mahmoud and McMad, the inimitable and dazzling Melissa.

And Granddaughter is on sale as a nailed reporter.

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