Reviews Daewoo Lanos.

Reviews Daewoo Lanos.

Have you decided to buy a Daewoo Lanos? Doubt about your choice? Read reviews of Daewoo Lanos owners on our website – find out the pros and cons of this Daewoo model. Our catalog of autoreviews will help you make the right choice, taking into account the experience and advice of the owners of Daewoo Lanos.

From year to year, both the equipment and the quality of Lanos can change, so we provided a search for reviews by the year of car production. To save time, sort reviews by usefulness that other visitors to our site have determined.

Select the Daewoo Lanos version.

Lanos 1997 – 2009 Lanos Hatchback 1997 – 2009 Lanos Pick-up 2006 – 2009.

Oskilka machine exploited 3 rock, for a whole hour we learned about her. The car of the Polish Zbirka is tse chi – I don’t know, it seems a little more beautiful. For 3 rocky won, she didn’t let me down at all, everything was done without drugs.

Growth at less than 192cm and miraculously I stand out with comfort) while normal is still possible on the back row. read the review.

Since I often read reviews here, I decided to write my own. I bought a car in 2011 with a mileage of 120,000 from the real owner, not outbid. Year of release 2003.

A dummy for a complete set, but looked at the real state and reality of the run. What can be said about the car – the car is asking. read the review.

I bought it in 2008 at the old price of 52600gr. base with hydro. Immediately I made an anticorrosive solution, put the HBO Euro2, then changed the acoustics, put in an inexpensive CD, put the original foglights and electric glass lifts. The car, in principle, is not bad, but the assembly is not very good.

Ant constantly leaks somewhere. read the review.

The car was taken from scratch in a car dealership, assembly poland. The ground clearance is small, there is no stability after 120 km / h (the steering wheel is empty), landing on the back row is uncomfortable, especially for tall people. BUT the cross-country ability is simply awesome (I left the puddles where the SUVs got stuck), the engine, although not the most economical (8.5 -10 liters per year, read the review.

I bought my previous Lanos car, produced in 2008, in the salon: I really wanted a new car to drive and not think about repairs. And I drive carefully and carefully 🙂 Before buying, I tried a lot of cars, I consulted with taxi drivers and auto repairmen. And I liked Deo Lanos 🙂 softness. read the review.

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