Swimming tubes.

Swimming tubes.

You can buy quality Arena, TYR, Finis, Speedo, MadWave https://it.reviewing.site/page-dragon-anywhere-dictate-now-su-app-store, Head pool training snorkel (frontal) and sea snorkel at Swimlike branded stores, as well as in the online store www.Swimlike.com with fast delivery in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in all cities of Russia and the CIS.

What is a swim snorkel and why is it needed?

A breathing tube (for the pool) is needed to improve swimming technique, it allows swimmers to breathe air without raising their head above the water. For sports swimming, you need a frontal (central) tube, because it fits comfortably on your head and you can swim with it with a crawl on your chest, butterfly, breaststroke. With the front tube, you can even make turns (beforehand, consult with a trainer about the execution technique).

When choosing a front snorkel, pay attention to: TYR Ultralight Snorkel Snorkel, Arena Swim Snorkel Snorkel, Madwave PRO SNORKEL Snorkel, Aqua Sphere Focus Front Snorkel and other models.

Also in our store there are quality snorkels for the sea, sets with a mask, fins and snorkel, so that you swim comfortably, look at the fish and enjoy your vacation.

Swimming amateurs and professionals use the snorkel to improve swimming technique (setting the correct stroke technique, correct position of the head, arms, legs), to increase the volume of the lungs. Modern tubes use silicone as well as rubber mouthpieces. Some of the snorkels have a changeable mouthpiece (Arena Swim Snorkel PRO) and also have air regulating tubes to assist with lung expansion (TYR Ultrlight Snorkel).

Swim managers will be happy to help you with choosing the right tube, so write in the chat / place an order on the website or call: 8 (800) 200-72-99 so that we can pick up a tube for you to swim.

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