Playstation 3 PS3 With 2pads and Six Games

Playstation 3 PS3 With 2pads and Six Games
Playstation 3 PS3 With 2pads and Six Games
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I love Sony. I also love Sony Ericsson. Let’s leave everything that happens now, everything will be fine. With all my love, I am perfectly aware that not all things are unconditionally good, they suit me one hundred percent. Here now you can give examples for a long time, list the advantages, but I’d rather focus on the Sony Playstation 3. The gaming division of the company lives a little apart, develops, by and large, independently of the “big Sony”, which is probably why it turns out to do such brilliant things … Take at least the same PSP. A lot of my friends, and I myself am the owner of the console, it is interesting to watch who uses it and how. Oddly enough, games are not in the first or second place here, most of them watch movies, photos, and only sometimes play with the help of PSP. It would seem that this is a game console, but thanks to its excellent display, it is very good as a video player. Surely during the development this moment was taken into account, and for sure that is why the prefix turned out to be so universal. It is not at all shameful to give it even to a forty-year-old man, I myself made such a present at the request of one comrade – entertainment before bedtime, to drive to the race. If we talk about the Sony Playstation 3, then sometimes it is not bought for gaming purposes, because it is also one of the most inexpensive Blu-ray players on the market. We have already published an excellent article by Alexey Dorozhin about this prefix, I recommend reading it for
general acquaintance with the PS3 system.
As for your humble servant, the history of the acquisition of the console, “fouling” with accessories and games was also described. Do you remember that many people really liked this picture?
I will not repeat myself, it is better to talk about something else. In our country, there are not so many PS3 users, compared to the army of PC players and the shelves of Xbox 360 owners. I will not say anything about the Nintendo Wii here, because it is still not so “serious” prefix, please understand me correctly, under seriousness I mean there are high-profile and well-known games for every teenager. When the PS3 hit the market, many were repelled by the price, a small number of really interesting games, plus for many a stumbling block was the impossibility of hacking. For many thrifty Russian guys this moment is important, how is this so – you can’t “pinch” the drive and run the toys downloaded from torrents? By the way, to this day, the PS3 remains unshakable, not broken and just as frightening for lovers of “freebies”.
However, for any person who doesn’t care about these things, the PS3 can be an extremely useful thing on the farm. I will cite myself as an example: I have played on the computer all my life and would never have thought that at thirty I would switch to a console. I’ll get used to the joystick. And so on. Nevertheless, here it is, it happened. I don’t even remember the last time I started the game on a computer, it was a long time ago, almost a year ago. I got used to the joystick for a long time, the price of games has not been scared for a long time. It’s just that I don’t need to buy everything, in the home collection there is Metal Gear Solid 4, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield 1943, in general, a set of shooters, not counting the first toy, it is not even know how to call it. The spy saga is probably the most accurate definition. There are a few more children’s games, but the daughter is not impressed. The wife plays races sometimes, but the female part of the family prefers the Nintendo Wii. I understand that again they will reproach me for long lyrical digressions, but it seems to me that the psychological moment is important. Before the New Year holidays, many of you will want to buy and try something new, I believe that the PS3 could be such a purchase. But it is important to understand the capabilities and features of this console, and they are. For example, I would add the extraordinary versatility of this thing to the unequivocal pluses, in my home PS3 performs several additional functions at once:
New versions of software for the set-top box appear with enviable regularity, and often this is not just a fix for any shortcomings, but the addition of new functionality. If you recall the latest firmware, the appearance and desktop effects have been changed, new menu items have been added, support for remote playback for the Sony Ericsson Aino phone, and so on and so forth. The console is becoming more and more perfect, turning not just into a gaming system, but into something more. It was with the help of such things that Sony won an army of fans – when your expectations are met beyond measure, and even this does not end with the development of the purchased item.
However, the disadvantages of the system cannot be said either; I had a 40 GB PS3, two USB ports, a version for Russia (I can’t say the exact index). I took a try, that’s why I chose a small volume, because I didn’t understand what I was paying for. There was a desire to change the hard drive, but now it’s too late. In general, everything was fine with her, but the touch buttons on the front panel angered a little. It is very easy to hurt them, which we did regularly with the whole family. The second and main negative feature is noise. No matter what they say about turning on from a joystick or from a console, I did not succeed in catching the moment when the cooler starts to howl. You could play Bad Company for an hour in a row, and the console was as quiet as a mouse. But then you go to the menu, and it starts – the PS3 takes off. It was only when the console was turned off that the understanding of what real silence was. This feature was depressing and when watching films, I had to turn up the volume very much, which did not add enthusiasm. Otherwise, there were no critical moments. Freezes in Battlefield are normal and have more to do with games than with a console. You can write separate articles about the incredible problems with connecting to the Bad Company multiplayer, there is nothing to blame the PS3 for. Now, after such a long and tedious introduction, let me tell you about the PS3 Slim. You may already have seen reviews of this set-top box on foreign sites, in Russia, samples for testing will begin to be given in October, my sample came from the United States thanks to a kind person (Oleg, once again Playstation 3 PS3 With 2pads and Six Games
The dimensions of the console have changed, and this is perhaps the main thing. The numbers look like this: 290x65x290 mm, for the old console it is 325x98x274 mm. “Slimka” weighs 3.2 kg, the original PS3 pulled five kilograms. Is it good? Undoubtedly. Although the set-top box is not a computer, in any case it takes up much less space. For me, reducing the size means that it will be possible to squeeze more stuff into the TV shelf, there is an Apple TV, and so on. The material has changed, instead of lacquered, matte, rough plastic is used. This is good, the attachment quickly became covered with dust, it was necessary to constantly blow and wipe. Now the dust is invisible, but this does not mean that it is not, of course. In any case, the attachment looks much neater, I didn’t wipe it before taking a photo. I already wrote about the new thing in the blog, there was one comment about the cheap appearance by changing the plastic. I will say this: this is not a phone to admire. If the original PS3 looks impressive, then Slim takes others, you will understand everything in the course of the review.
Regarding the basic delivery set: it includes the set-top box itself, a cable for connecting to the network, a DUALSHOCK3 joystick (with vibration), a MiniUSB cable for charging the joystick, an AV cable. Everything you need, it’s very good that the kit includes the right joystick. I would like to note an interesting detail: I already have a “dual shock”, and so, a very strange thing – the joystick from the PS3 Slim kit works at least twice as long as the one purchased separately. Either this is a problem of a specific accessory, or it is something else.
At the moment, PS3 Slim exists only in black, but the PS3 Final Fantasy XIII “bundle” has already been announced – a white console with a pink pattern, white DUALSHOCK3. Interestingly, she has a 250 GB hard drive, sales of the kit will begin in December and only in Japan.
The touch buttons were replaced with the usual ones, you can see how they look in the photos. The indicator lights are as sleek and small as ever. These buttons are pleasant to press, try them in the store, you will understand. I am ready to do this all day long.
Compared to the original PS3, it’s just heaven and earth! There is no noise, the working set-top box is practically inaudible. How it was possible to achieve such a result is unclear, because the matter is hardly only in the use of other components, it was also necessary to organize the cooling of the system in a special way. In general, they are just great, they did a great job. Moreover, even the disc in the drive and that behaves quietly and accurately.

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