Acupuncture Case Notes of Yu Xiao-Zhen


By Steven Clavey

Professor Yu Xiao-Zhen practised for more than 40 years after graduating from the Shanghai Chinese Medical Technical College in 1944. Her father was a well-known traditional Chinese gynaecologist from whom she absorbed the family learning, and she also studied with the renowned Lu Shou-Yan, the acupuncturist whose case histories have appeared in The Lantern. Professor Yu had extensive experience in treating gynaecological disorders, internal disorders, and emergency situations, but her unique skills really become apparent when she is dealing with gynaecological conditions. I studied with Professor Yu at the clinic associated with the Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1985 and found her a very knowledgeable practitioner and, what was quite rare, expert in both needles and herbs.


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