Volume: II, Issue: 3


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Gold prospecting in Chinese medicine from the Editors

Terminology in TCM Tony Reid

Case history: Midnight belching Steven Clavey

Case history: Peripheral polyneuropathy Barbara Kirshbaum

Paediatric developmental disorders Peter Gigante 

Qian Yi: The father of Chinese paediatrics Jerry Zhang, Brian May, Peter Gigante

Clinical application of Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Tang Craig Mitchell

Treating damp-warmth with San Ren Tang Z’ev Rosenberg

Disorders of the Spleen and Stomach Dian Bang-Shi

Huang Qi through the eyes of Zhang Zhong-Jing Jason Blalack

Yang Sheng: Ba Duan Jin on the Bed Xiaoyao Xingzhe

Coma in Casablanca Qin Liang-Fu 


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