Volume: III, Issue: 1


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Budding industry needs tender loving care  the Editors

Drinking from a deeper well Charles Chace

Ye Tian-Shi’s ‘Discourse on warm heat disease’ Charles Chase & Daniella Van Wart

Terminology in TCM (part 2) Tony Reid

Pathway of protective qi Ma Shou-Chun 

Neonatal euthanasia in modern China Eun Kyung Kim

Treating hepatitis and jaundice Gunter Neeb

Lurking pathogens (a Qing dynasty case study) Jason Blalack & Charles Chase

Acupuncture for primary dysmenorrhea Qu Fan & Zhou Jue

The rise and fall of the Gall Bladder Steven Clavey

The art of living and the game of Weiqi Xiaoyao Xingzhe


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