Volume: III, Issue: 3


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Of insight, wholeness and understanding Nicholas Dent

On greeting a friend Charles Chace

A case of elevated liver enzymes Barbara Kirschbaum

A working methodology for translating TCM Bensky, Blalack, Chace & Mitchell

Vulval pain: a case study Sue Cochrane

Classical corner: Si Ni San Karen Kraft & Craig Mitchell

Ye Tian-Shi’s Wen Re Lun (pt 3)  Daniella Van Wart and Charles Chace

On wind: jewels from the Jie-Gu family Zhang Yuan-Su

The Yellow Emperor asks about Real People Steven Clavey

Understanding Western herbs Thomas Avery Garran

Abdominal patterns for Shang Han Lun formulas Michael Max

Acupuncture case study: insomnia treatment Prof. Lu Shou-Yan


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