Volume: XIII, Issue: 3



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Editorial: Assumptions make an Ass of You and Me – Steven Clavey

Cao Ying-Fu’s use of Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang – Jiang Zuo-Jing

Abscess on the head – Jiang Zuo-Jing

Yang Yong-Xuan treats Hot Painful Bi Syndrome – Yang Yi-Fang

Lung yang deficiency –  Qu Yue-Yun

Shi/Propensity – Charles Chace & Manuel Rodriguez Cuadras

Fat Monk: Billie and the Shaman – Xiaoyao Xingzhe

Case history: Herbs for post glandular fever – Heiko Lade

Reviews – Shonoshin: Japanese pediatric acupuncture

– 47th annual TCM Kongress, Rothenburg

– Golden Month: Caring for the World’s Mothers After Childbirth

– Live Well Live Long: Teachings from the Nourishment of Life Tradition

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