Volume: XIV, Issue: 1



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Editorial: Chinese medicine is just a bit queer – Nigel Ching

Tao He Cheng Qi Tang for trauma and phlegm – Michael Huber

Zhang Jie-Bin on Dizziness – Gina Pilven & Steven Clavey

Atopic dermatitis treated with moxa – Dr Sterling Jenkins

Case history: The Bodyguard – Mattie Sempert

Bloodletting in the West and acupuncture in the East – Adam Tate

Medical ethics, happiness and the ‘good’ life – Sabine Schmitz

Yangsheng: Why I love Standing Qi Gong – Stephen Turner

Cough & stress incontinence: a useful formula – Cui Yin-Chun

Review: Handbook of Formulas in Chinese Medicine

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