Yu Guo-Jun’s treatment for stubborn cough


By Michael Fitzgerald

Yu Guo-Jun is a Chinese doctor in Sichuan province with a wide following. He was a student of Jiang Er-Xun, famous for his work with classical formulas. Dr Yu helped Dr Jiang for many years with his advanced classes for physicians and took over those classes after Dr Jiang’s death. This case and the discussion that follows it are from the book Zhong Yi Shi Cheng Shi Lu: Wo Yu Xian Shi de Lin Zheng Si Bian (Authentic Master-Disciple Transmission in Chinese Medicine: My and My Teacher’s Clinical Reasoning). This book has been translated by Andy Ellis, Michael FitzGerald and Craig Mitchell with the first part to be published by Eastland Press later this year. This case describes a protracted cough, for which Dr Yu uses a formula  he has found particularly effective, along with a variety of modifications that broaden its applicability. Making the case especially interesting are the comments and questions from several students who are also experienced physicians.

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