Mercedes Benz Viano (Mercedes Benz Viano) two thousand 10 years car model review

Mercedes-Benz Viano (Mercedes-Benz Viano) two thousand 10 years – auto model review.

Not a single modern Mercedes-Benz car has received so many upgrades at a time as the 2010 Mercedes-Benz Viano. The manufacturer has completely revised the model, not only its design but also its construction. As a result, every detail has been subjected to revision, which allowed Mercedes-Benz Viano to lead the class of small commercial vehicles again and to raise the bar for all competitors.

The design of the car is made in accordance with the stylistics, corresponding to the passenger car models of the company. These are completely familiar headlights strips, the radiator grill, rear-view mirrors. But at the same time, the model keeps close ties with the representative of the previous generation, preserving its well-known features.

The manufacturer has also made many modifications to the interior of Mercedes-Benz Viano. At first, the quality of used materials has been improved because the car should be not simply comfortable, but also representative. The dashboard and the central console have been redesigned, the controls have been located so that all the necessary things were near the driver.

These cars have been in high demand for a couple of years, because they are perfectly suited for the role of family cars, cars for travel or small businesses. And taking into account the fact that Mercedes also presents its model in this class sector, chances are good that vans will meet on our roads even more often.

Developing Mercedes-Benz Viano the manufacturer has paid attention not only to the exterior and interior of the model, but also to the technical part. As a result, there are new engines, new gearboxes, which are even more dynamic and economical.

Most of the vehicles are offered with diesel engines with a capacity of 2 to 3 liters.1 to 3 liters.. Power of the engines ranges from 100 30 6 to two hundred and twenty four hp.с. But the luxury model also has a petrol engine 3.5-liter engine, producing two hundred and sixty-eight horsepower. Depending on the configuration, manual or automatic transmission can be installed. Available in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions.

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