Services in Arusha Region

Services in Arusha Region
Services in Arusha Region

2. The following information points should be noted when preparing your application.

1. The information may be supplied by the applicant or its authorized representatives to any entity, but such information should not be transmitted to other persons, including by companies, as may have been authorized through the applicant.

2. This information must be used only in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements in the country in which it is supplied. The information will not represent your personal views, or that of any of your stakeholders or competitors. If you ask, you must disclose the data to a party on whose behalf the information cannot be used.

3. Your application must be submitted electronically, if available, to the Directorate for Internet and Security Service, the Directorate General Service (DGS) or the Office of Information and Communication Technology (OSCTE), or to the Information Technology Information Security Officer (ITISA).

4. The use of the information will only be possible within a legal framework and will not constitute legal authorization of the applicant.

5. To request a copy of any information in connection with any application, please send a mail to:

Telvad, Arusha


Telephone No.: 024-634-1145

Fax: 024-634-1155

Email: Services in Arusha Region

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