Unisex Watches in Nigeria

Unisex Watches in Nigeria
Unisex Watches in Nigeria
What do you need to know to choose the “right” watch?
There are many models of wristwatches, even too much. And in order to make the right choice, you need to look at each of them, try them on, feel them on your hand and take a closer look. The wrist watch demonstrates the style and taste of its owner, so make no mistake with your choice.
In this article, DECA experts tell you how to choose a wristwatch, what are the differences and what you should pay attention to when choosing.
What is the difference between wrist accessories:
The accuracy and durability of a watch largely depends on its “heart”. Therefore, in order to understand how to choose the right watch, it is first of all important to determine the types of mechanisms, to understand how they differ. Unisex Watches in Nigeria
Mechanical watches are chosen by people who value reliability, technical excellence and know good things.
The current and time-tested design consists of numerous spirals, gears and other specific details. And the key components of the device are a compressed spring with an anchor and a balance of travel stabilization, which requires periodic winding. This can be an automatic winding or its manual alternative, when the owner of the watch independently tightens the spring, activating the operation of the module itself.
The principle of operation of real mechanics is simple: such a motor acts as a generator, activating the functioning of the arrows and all related elements.
The disadvantages include the need to correct the course.
If you do not delve into the design of quartz watches, then their main difference from mechanics lies in the accuracy of the movement. So, the discrepancies with real time indicators for ordinary mechanical watches are В± 20-40 seconds per day, while for quartz watches such deviations do not exceed В± 20 seconds per month.
Visually, the instruments can be distinguished by the movement of the second hand: for mechanics it moves relatively smoothly, while for quartz it is a pulsating rhythm along the corresponding divisions of the dial scale.
The disadvantage is the need to regularly change the battery.
Electronic wristwatches appeared only in the middle of the last century, and by now they have been significantly improved both in terms of design and construction.

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