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Wooden T&G

– Added a new version with some new information (see this link in the link section).

– Updated links (see details below)

– Improved documentation about customizing the screen (including the layout and icons).

– Minor layout improvements from the older version

– Fixed ‘Use X’ on the right-hand side of the button on the Windows

handling for keyboard shortcuts

– Fixed some windows handling crash (see below).
Wooden T&G

– Fixed small screen problems in some applications.

– Fixed a problem with the mouse being visible.

– Fixed a bug with the popup menu.

– Tweaked the loading of the system tray using the mouse.

– Tweaked the loading of user accounts in Windows 8 and up.

– Tweaked several aspects of the user menu in Windows 8 and up.

– Fixed some dialogs (with some errors) (see below).

– Fixed a couple of minor crashes on Mac keyboards.

– Fixed an issue with Windows (or some applications) that sometimes failed to load the main window.

– Fixed the crash when setting the minimum speed in Wacom’s setting

Known errors

– In case you find something is not correct, please report it in the crash list, after a crash is reported, and then it may

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